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Great Travel Mug

Awesome designs! Great Quality Product! Great communication on shipping! Reliable and trusted when shopping at JUGGY! We will be buying more in the future!

So pretty!

I'm very pleased with my purchase. I needed something to encourage me to drink more water and seeing this pretty little jug sitting in the fridge with snappin' cold water in it does the trick!

Gothic skulls

I love it ! I got it to use in the Fall for Halloween! Awesome design!


I really like the size of the juggy it accountable for drinking my water I just wish they were insulated better they don't hold ice long. But I love the jug

Cute and durable

I work EMS and I need something that is durable and something that will keep my coffee iced and my waters cold. This does the job. The design is super cute as well. Handle is secured tightly. So far so good. Happy with this purchase.

Witchy 40 oz Tumbler
Laurel Murphy
I love this cup!

It's adorable and functional and holds SO MUCH water. I usually Carry a 40 ounce water bottle with me everywhere I go, but with this, I actually have a handle to hold onto my cup! I think it's great and I anticipate I'll use it more than the water bottles.

Witchy Charms Set
Elizabeth Doucet

Love them


I bought this for myself to try to drink more water. It is the perfect size to get your daily water intake. The decorations are really cute too. I love this juggy. Would make the perfect Nurses Week gift!

This is everything I've ever wanted in a water bottle! It's huge, it's cute, the straw doesn't stay out in the open to collect germs and it's dishwasher safe!

It is the best thing I have ever had it holds cold water great

I like it a lot!!!

40oz gothic tumbler

In Love! Obsessed! So cute

Ice Cream 40 oz Tumbler
Deborah Waldon
Summer Ice cream tumbler

The summer ice cream tumbler is made for those hot muggy summer days in the beautiful sunshine. Grab one, fill with ice and your favorite drink and cool your thirst all day. The tumbler is super cute.

Witchy 40 oz Tumbler
Glenda Cates
40 oz tumbler

Love, love it!


I was so excited to get my new tumbler and it did not disappoint! I am obsessed!
The only thing I would change is to use a metal straw instead of plastic, but other than that, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Love it

So great!!!

Love it! Great size, shape and design- Just wish it wasn’t plastic. Want it to be insulated so my ice doesn’t melt so fast. But I do love it.

Teach me how to Juggy, teach me, teach me how to Juggy!

I've been singing that customized song since starting to use those jug! (I hope some people out there get the reference.) This jug is so cool. Not only does it look amazing, but it's helped me to increase my water intake and it doesn't even feel like a chore. I try to get 1.5 jugs in a day and have easily hit that. I LOVE the plant theme too. It makes me happy to look at and I've already started looking at other charms on Amazon I can add to it. I'd highly recommend for any plant lovers out there who are also trying to increase their water intake!!

just as described really wish the strap was thicker and longer as it is painful to carry in my person

The Gift of Hydration

I bought this for my husband because he never has a chance to drink enough water when he's in the classroom. The second he opened it, there was a grin on his face. He hasn't forgotten to take it with him yet

love it!

Love it!

I use mine at work everyday and love how easy and convenient it is and how I can customize it so many ways.

So adorable on my new Juggy!!

Booktrovert Special Edition Bundle
Dominique M.

I saw this on sale and HAD TO HAVE IT. Very happy with my decision. Unfortunately one of my charms came off, but luckily they were selling the charms so I got two more sets on sale! It’s not super insulated as I would like but honestly 2 trenta cups of ice and it’s cold all day!