Mental Health Charms Set

    Mental Health Charms Set



    Embrace self-care with The Mental Wellness Charms Set! This assortment of croc charms, inspired by mental health and well-being, will have you ready to face challenges... or at least look the part while prioritizing your mental health. Display your commitment to self-care with these empowering, stylish accessories - designed to remind you of the importance of well-being and perfect for anyone on their mental health journey!

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    The JUGGY Story

    JUGGY was created by Mackenzie Johnson who like most people, struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  She knew one of the most important things she could do was to make sure she was consuming enough water everyday. It was a simple enough goal and it didn't seem overwhelming. So she set out to find the perfect water bottle. 


    JUGGY was created because Mackenzie wanted to not only stay hydrated and hit her goals but she wanted to help other people realize that if you have the right bottle that's fashionable, functional and durable, then drinking water is super easy! JUGGY is all about promoting a healthier lifestyle by drinking water everyday but looking freaking cute while doing it!