5 Tips On How To Stay Hydrated

How often do you drink water daily? Chances are you are here because you know water is really good for you, and you want to form better habits drinking as much water as you should. That's a wise decision! The human body is made up of averagely 70% water, and any slight dehydration could have a negative impact on our vital organs and our wellbeing in general. That's why we need to maintain that hydration balance as much as we can.Staying hydrated helps our bodies absorb nutrients, quickens the excretion of toxic substances, and several other benefits. Some of the body's hydration comes from the foods we eat and the drinks we take - coffee, fruit juice, energy drink, etc. These are quite all right, but taking just water - H2O - is the most effective and healthy way to stay hydrated.

Let's take a look at the top 5 tips on How To Stay Hydrated:

1. Never wait until you're thirsty to drink water

One habit that is advantageous to emulate is drinking water first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This helps to flush out the body of toxins and build a strong immune system. Staying hydrated is something you have to be intentional about even when you do not feel thirsty because, by that time, you're probably already dehydrated.

2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables that are rich in water and the nutrients your body needs. Examples of such fruits are watermelon, oranges, berries, and pineapples. Examples of veggies with high water content are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. They help to maintain the water content of the body.

3. Pay attention to the weather

When the weather is hot, your body tends to lose water faster in an attempt to regulate its temperature. On days like that, if you can, it's better to stay indoors and in a well air-conditioned environment. Better still, wait till early mornings or late evenings when the weather is cool. If you unavoidably have to step out, drink twice as much water as you normally would to replenish your body's water loss.

4. Monitor your drinking habit with an app

There are several smartphone apps available for download to help you monitor your water drinking habits and patterns. They remind you to drink water often and help you be accountable. Some of these hydration apps also allow for customization if you're pregnant or have special health needs.

5. Let your water bottle do it for you

An encouraging way to help you stay hydrated is by having a water bottle always by your side. For example, the JUGGY was designed to be your everyday companion. With its adjustable strap and pockets, you can easily carry it around.It is reusable and a more economical option than buying several bottles of water when you're outside. Plus, its 74oz water capacity contains the exact recommended quantity your body needs. Amazing, huh?

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