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Shroom Trance Sleeve

Shroom Trance Sleeve

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Keep your contents cooler for much longer with these unique and fashionable JUGGY neoprene sleeves.

  • Added Protection: Made from 4mm BPA-free robust neoprene material, the JUGGY sleeves is an extra layer of protection for your JUGGY jug.
  • Extra Storage:  The JUGGY sleeves have two extra storage pockets for your phone, chapstick, wallet and other essentials and they include a key holder hook specifically designed for your keys.
  • Adjustable & Removable Shoulder Strap: Carry your JUGGY with style by adjusting the shoulder strap to fit you perfectly. Now the JUGGY will almost function like a cute purse where you can store you goodies while keeping your pockets empty at the gym!
  • Machine Washable

Video Instructions

How to put on the JUGGY Sleeve and use the straw: 

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The JUGGY Story

JUGGY was created by Mackenzie Johnson who like most people, struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  She knew one of the most important things she could do was to make sure she was consuming enough water everyday. It was a simple enough goal and it didn't seem overwhelming. So she set out to find the perfect water bottle. 


JUGGY was created because Mackenzie wanted to not only stay hydrated and hit her goals but she wanted to help other people realize that if you have the right bottle that's fashionable, functional and durable, then drinking water is super easy! JUGGY is all about promoting a healthier lifestyle by drinking water everyday but looking freaking cute while doing it! 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Taye Karow
New sleeve

I've had a juggy for a few years and my original sleeve was looking a little rough. So I ordered a new one. I'm grateful to a handy video to show me how to put the new one on, I'd forgotten how. Love my juggy, I use it all the time!

Rebecca D.
It's so cute!

Love the pattern on this one. I get so many compliments!

Donna M.
Just the sleeve

This is my favorite sleeve pattern but I would like to see the website offer the water bottles alone. I bought a sleeve but no bottle and I can’t find a bottle to fit. The Juggy site not has line bottles in black or peach and they’re too expensive.


I absolutely love it! I drink more water now. It’s convenient. I can keep a chapstick and my vape in it. The only thing that would make it better is if it were insulated.


Roommate loves it